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What We Do

We are your production source.

Let us do for you what we do best: ACI Entertainment provides a galaxy of services, including Event Management, Audio/Music Production, Film and Television Production, Live Band Performances, Marketing Communication, and Broadcast Solutions. Click on Projects to view examples of our repertoire. Click on your topic of interest for details about each service.

We can carry your event from beginning to end, provide a suite of components, individual services and rentals, and everything in between. ACI Entertainment melds the creativity that comes from being artists ourselves with the expertise that comes from intelligent experience. We can visualize your project from both sides of the stage and both ends of the microphone.

Artists ourselves, we can create concepts to turn your ideas into a practical production, or we can take your existing concepts to the next level, with any or all of the elements needed to achieve your goals. We can turn your creativity into the finished production you need.

Your media production, whether live, film, television, or broadcast, will be rendered in the most professional and appealing manner possible for your audience.

Whether you are an established artist, rising star, an industry, government, NGO, group or institution, broadcaster or individual—you have come to the right place: ACI Entertainment.