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Equipment Rental & Sales

Our wide range of available staging and production rentals will take you to the next level of excellence: Outdoor and indoor staging, concert level sound system, mixers, mikes, power, instruments, software and all of the accessories required for a top-class production. Categories are listed below. Please contact us for a full product list.

Outdoor/Indoor Equipment


SD5000 by Staging Dimensions

–40 X 24 ft when assembled
–Interlocking panels of 4 x 8 ft for multiple and layered staging
–Adjustable legs
–Skid-free, reliable and safe for dance performances

S5000 by Staging Dimensions

–Stairs (5-step 24” – 40” ADJ stair)
–Deck Flat Cart with Swivel
–24” – 40” ADJ HT Box pleat WYNDM Skirt


Sound Systems 


DAS Audio Aero 218
DAS Audio Aero 48
DAS ST 218 Powered Subwoofer
DAS ST 1510 Way Mid, High System
Peavey DTH S4 Speakers Full angled 1200W Range 600 RMS Continuous 49VRMSS4 OHMS
Peavey QWA Speaker Max Power 2800 W Impedance 8 OHMS
EV SX-500P1 + With in-built High powered amp
EV TX 1122FM Monitor Speakers (12-inch woofer)
EV TX 1152FM Monitor Speaker (15-inch woofer)
Electro voice speaker
Boss Speaker
QW 218


QSC PLX 2502
QSC PLX 2502 (MFX4)
QSC PLX 2502 (Monitors)
QSC PLX 3102 (HF x 4)
QSC PLX 3102 (subwoofer)
QSC PLX 3102 (EV SX)
QSC PLX3602 (LF X 8)
CS 4000
Peavey 2600
V8 x V8
CS 408 (sub amp)


GB4-40 Tour Pack (40 channels)
Allen & Heath Wizard (16 channels)
Peavey Mixer (12 channels)
Mackie (36-channel mixer board)
Mackie (24-channel mixer board)


Dynamic handheld mics
Audio Technica AEW-DA550C (Antenna Distribution Amplifiers
Audio Technica AEW-5111AC (Dual Channel Belt-Pack)
Audio Technica AEW-5255aC (Dual Channel Handheld Wireless Mics)
Audio Technica AEW-ATWA49(Antenna paddles)
Audio Technica AEW-GcCWPro (1/4 Guitar cables for Beltpacks)
Audio Technica AEW-AT-8630 (Audio Technical At-8630)


Power & Transportation

60 KVA Power Generator
Tsi VRP-25000-0230
Step down/ voltage regulator
Geist Brent 162
Geist ZP 090
Soundcraft External Power Supply
2008 GMC Truck 12”
2007 GMC Truck 18”
1991 Ford
Military Type Truck Head

Processors & Compressors

Lexicon MX-400 (Dual FX)
Presonus ACP-88 (8 channels) 




Musical Instruments

Selmer Alto Saxophone
Bass Guitar (6 strings)
Electric Guitar
Bass AMP (Combo)
Electric drum set (Roland)
Electric drum set (SPD 30)
Electric guitar Amp (Combo)
Roland Keyboard
Talking drums
Jembe drums
7-piece analog drum set




25-inch mic cables
NL4-NL4 (12/4 25” speaker cable)
NL4-NL4 (12/2 75” speaker cable)
NL8-NL8 (12/8 75” speaker cable)
NL8-NL8 (12/2 75” speaker cable)
NL4-NL4-NL4 (50” monitor cable)
150” 32x16 multipair snake cable
PROCOMT8XMFM (8-channel 20 patch snake)
PROCO SMASST0800FBM (8-channel XLR Sub-Snake 50ft)
XLRM-XLRF/1/4”TRS (Interconnect cables)
Hosa STP-830Pro (4-channel Insert Snakes)
Custom w/NL8


Gator G-Tour 16U cast
PROCO DB1 (Direct box)
PROCO DB2 (Stereo direct box)
Fender AM SP
Line 6 Pod XT
Line 6 Pod XT
Console Light
Littlite 18x-HI-4
Pressure washer 3,000 PSI Honda
SKB 1SKB-H5020W (Mic stand case – Extra large)
SKB 31-2015-MC-24 (Water tight equipment case)

Please contact us for a full product list.

Studio Equipment

AKAI professional MPC5000
Anteres auto tune vocal suite
Auralex DST D36 Roomnator Kit
Avalon VT 737SP
Digidesign Production toolkit2
Digidesign Digi 003 Factory
Electronics Serf Reflexion Filter
Livewire HA04 Headphone AMP
Livewire M25
Mac Cinema Display
Mac Pro 8 core
MC 125 Professional Studio Stand
Mogami 10” TRS-TRS Cable
Mogami 10” XL-R—TRS Cable
Mogami 18” Instrument Cable
Mogami 25” Mic cable
Mogami 10” XL-R(M)TRS Cable
My book 500GB
NewMann U87 AI Shockmount
Pro-line LST2Bk
Pro 80 Closed Studio Headphone
Steinberg cubase 6-rec software
Studio Producer table
Wave Mecury Native
Yamaha Motif XS8 Music Pro Cen

Please contact us for a full product list.